Reasons Not to Vote for Presidential Candidate Michael Peroutka (of the Constitution Party)

He's the second choice of the Constitution Party after Alabama's Quixotic "Christian America" Justice Roy Moore turned them down. Source

While normally, the neo-confederate League of the South "encourages its members to withdraw their consent from the American imperial regime, and that usually means declining to participate in their rigged and fraudulent national elections" (gag...) they are this year endorsing Peroutka, a member. Source

Has never held elected office. The closest he comes is being an ex-bureaucrat who quit his job on the basis of a purist constitutional stance as to his job's legitimacy. Source

13 years ago, DUI. Source

Sticky family problems Source. (Update: 11/3/2004: here's a site I found with some letters from Mrs. Peroutka and her Lawyer responding to the charges: link)

Wants to increase taxes on other countries through import tax increases. Source Also wants to pull out of our commitments to North American and other free-trade agreements. Source

Wants to eliminate all national funding for everything except defense. Source and Source

He is only on 37 state ballots. He is not a truly national candidate. Source

Wants to end all government aid to foreign interests and all peacekeeping and security efforts in the world: "We will begin the immediate removal of all troops, in all 152 countries in which they are presently engaged in "police action" or active warfare, under United States command or foreign command. It is that simple." Source

A voice for Peroutka and the Constitution Party this year is Franklin Sanders, prosecuted by both the Federal Government and the state of Tennessee for criminal conspiracy in attempting to evade federal taxes by opening his own silver and gold bank. He is also the author of "Heiland" a novel that culminates in Christians killing all non-Christians and taking over society.

Wants to have a moratorium on immigration and expel all illegal aliens. Doesn't support any amnesty programs for the essential workers who are here now. Source

Peroutka doesn't believe in judicial review. Source

Wants to make the social security system optional for everyone (thereby sinking it ungracefully) Source

No help for Israel, an ally in a dangerous part of the world. Source

In summary, Peroutka holds a nave, purist stance with regard to the powers granted by the Constitution and how this document applies to our nation today. He supports the very dissolution of the country he is running for President in by supporting the powers of states to secede from the union. He is surrounded by suspicious Christian Reconstructionist, neo-confederate, and "Christian America" leaders. He holds to unrealistic immigration policies and supports raising taxes on other countries' goods (thus increasing the costs of things we Americans want to buy). He doesn't believe in free trade and thus will not be able to make any case for opening up other markets around the world. He takes such a purist stance with regard to the powers of the Federal Government, not offering a realistic plan to fade out his least favorite programs, but rather wishes to sink these programs summarily. His campaign is waged with no nod of the hat to the religiously pluralistic situation in which we find ourselves. How can he be the president of the United States when he maintains a triumphalistic Christian rhetorical stance? He is also nave about the founding fathers and the degree to which this country was founded on Christianity. If you are voting for Peroutka to help build something of an alternative to the Republicans and Democrats, then in my opinion you are building something not worth having a xenophobic, protectionist, triumphalistic party doomed to failure. If you are voting for Peroutka to stick it to the Republicans, then the joke is on you because no one will know about it and if you're in a battleground state, you could very well find yourself being the vote that could have kept Kerry from moving the USA more quickly toward collectivism than Bush ever dreamed and nominating several supreme court justices. Not to mention that Peroutka has no experience in executive political leadership and doesn't even believe in the legitimacy of the very bureaucracy over which he will be presiding.

I find it funny that Peroutka often responds to globalists (like me) by saying that he's running for the president of this country, not Israel or Europe or the Middle East. Unfortunately, he is running for president of an America of his imagination, one that exists in his own private Leviathan, one untouched locally by events that are global. One that can tuck its tail and run from Iraq and yet still find a way to stay safe and fuel its cars. One that can be a "Christian Nation" from the top down, three months from now. He's not a candidate he's a wish, an ideal of some Christians. He is the kind of guy who says odd things that get some grown-ups to turn their heads at the potluck supper for a moment and then turn back to solving real problems in an historically sensitive, practical, and realistic way.


10/12/04 10:50: Look at this scary site. I find it hard to believe that you Christians in California would want to get behind something like this. Tell your friends about the problems with Peroutka!

11/3/04 3:26: After the election, I googled around to see if there were any Peroutka updates and noticed a. that Peroutka continued to have the pro-neo-confederate claptrap on his website, and that google turned up some responses to Peroutka's family problems. Here is a site that contains some letters from Mrs. Peroutka and her lawyer to the City Paper: link. I wonder why none of you Peroutka fans didn't point this article out before now?

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