Happy Thanksgiving

It's been a very good Wednesday. I tried Brandy for the first time (thumbs up). I drove a Chevy Sonic - it is like driving a kayak with XM radio. I also finally saw Moonrise Kingdom. I will have to see it again to catch everything, but Anderson paints with such a rich symbolic palette. Obviously there was the Noah's Ark theme. Sam meets Suzy at the church performance of a Noah's Ark musical. Suzy is playing a Raven. Ravens show up throughout the scriptures - they bring food to Elijah and Jesus asks us to consider them because they neither sow nor reap but are cared for by their Father in heaven. The Raven is also the first bird that Noah sends out first to see if the flood has subsided. The movie begins and ends at the church; at the end, Suzy and Sam ascend the steeple and when they are at the top, they both let go of a piece of cloth - I can't remember if it is their masks or what - but these look like doves floating down from the steeple. The steeple then is hit by lightning and they are hanging, depending upon the grip of Captain Sharp. Suzy, throughout, has binoculars - she is a raven.

There are also some Adam / Eve references, and I'd have to check, but there have to be some references to the tent with its drawings of animals on the inside, just like the tabernacle. There is a wood thing going on too - Camp Lebanon (cedars of lebanon) and when Bill Murray's character realizes he is a cuckold, he goes and chops at a tree for no reason. Sam is always covered in animal skins like Adam after the fall.

Anyway, interesting movie - a world with improbable dialogue, like all his movies. I think that's why Rushmore is so successful - because the dialogue is a bit more realistic - all the adult characters play straight man to Max Fisher's shtick. Moonrise Kingdom is all shtick, but it really works too.

I love the scene in the hold of the ship when Ed Norton (the scoutmaster) tries to comfort Sam and tell him that he had never seen a better pitched camp.

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving turkey. Tonight we had Mexican food- Ann made rice, beans, tacos, pico de gallo, corn tomalito, etc. It was excellent.

On Sunday, I heard the neighborhood boys playing basketball and I walked over with Eli and I was wearing my church clothes. I found CC and I asked if he would please return the bike. Tout suite. He asked if it could be later that day. I said "no" and explained that I wanted to put training wheels on it for Eli. I wanted to follow him to his apartment and get the bike, but he didn't want me to. He promised he'd bring it "in a minute." I walked back home and had Sunday dinner, and it is now Wednesday and he has not brought the bike back. I imagine it is either lost, stolen, hocked, etc. Who knows. I just want him to man up and tell me the truth. I will go over there again this weekend to find out what's up.

Last week was interesting. Flew to Raleigh, NC for a presentation. It went pretty well; I had to talk for almost three hours straight. Work in MS is going well. I'm getting used to being a government employee. I never thought I would be, and I have a mixture of feelings about it. The libertarian side of me is sickened. The practical side of me thinks that someone would be doing the job, might as well be me. The historian side of me thinks that working for a university is not the same thing as working for the government even if the university is a state university. Since the invention of the university, it has always been a tiny country; almost a kingdom within a kingdom with its own police and king.

I'm getting back into iPhone programming again after having to do more java for a few months. I'm also still doing a lot of proposal writing and power point.

I've been very tired in the evenings - falling asleep most nights by 8:00 and having to wake up to pray with the boys and put them to bed. It is ridiculous. It is either my age, or the degree to which I exhaust my brain during the day, or all the benadryl I take, or the way I overeat at dinner, or something or everything, but it is very frustrating not to have any nighttime stamina anymore. I probably need to exercise, but I don't have a clear hold on where I could work exercise into my day.

The big plan for Thanksgiving break was to tackle rebuilding the transmission on the Honda. Well, we were invited to something fun on Saturday that I can't refuse, and that pretty much prevents me from getting involved in the repair if the main day of work is gone. Further, I had to buy new tires for the sedan, so it doesn't leave a lot for parts on the Honda. I talked to a local community college and they are willing to put in a rebuilt transmission for me, but do not want to tackle an actual rebuild, which I totally understand. I wish that a meteor would just hit the honda in the middle of the night and be done with it.

Well, better run get some shuteye. Sorry for not posting as frequently as I'd like to; my early bedtime lately has really put a damper on all extracurricular activities.

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