Interesting Linkage for the People

Lots of interesting things I ran across today:

The Tyranny of Social Justice Warriors
by Rod Dreher

Cool Product: Drag and Drop Video to Animated Gif Maker

UC Santa Barbara has digitized 10s of thousands of Wax Cylinders. I think it is all old enough to be royalty free and out of copyright. I’m sure Moby is working hard on his next derivative hit already.

Interesting book on software refactoring: Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code

AEI article about an article about poverty and test scores: New article argues poverty not to blame for poor relative test scores

Cool Link Fest for R Programmers: 100 R Packages

Interesting new movie about poverty and helping without hurting: Poverty, Inc. Wish I could organize a local screening here in Starkville.

Interesting Article: An Economic Development Primer for Small Town Mayors