First Day of 2016

Today, I:

Showered while listening to Spotify.

Ate beignets, bacon, and eggs for breakfast.

Calculated the cheapest width/length combinations of lumber to finish out our bedroom.

Talked to my parents who called to wish me a happy new year.

Ordered tile for the bathroom.

Gave a panhandler a banana, a granola bar, and a Coke. He had two full forty-ounce malt liquors in his bike basket that I only noticed as I handed him the banana.

Ate tomato soup and a grilled cheese for lunch.

Went to Lowe’s.

Worked on bedroom and cut trim from lumber on hand.

Repaired James’s malm (ikea bed) with two lengths of 3/8 threaded rod, four washers, two lock nuts, and two wing nuts.

Cleaned up the den by removing construction materials.

Listened to a podcast interview with the president of AEI.

Realized I’d turned the cuckoo feature off on the cuckoo clock. Eli turned it back on. It is keeping good time.

Completed a transaction with a guy on Craigslist named “Jonas” and earned a sawbuck for it. He said that he did indeed like the Weezer song, “My name is Jonas.”

Ate pork ribs, cabbage slaw, black-eyed peas, sweet potatoes, and oranges for supper.

Advised someone on gift-giving.

Looked longingly at Epiphone hollow-bodied guitars online.

Sorted through all the recent newspapers and threw out most of them.

Had a brownie with whipped cream for dessert with Ann while we watched the movie Kate and Leopold.

Wore old shoes all day to allow my feet to spread out; they are sore from wearing D-width shoes for a few days in a row.

Read about deaths of Natalie Cole and the Ian guy who created Debian Lunux.

Drinks today: Negra Modelo, water, Unsweetened iced tea, coffee.