Performance at Cotton District Arts Festival, 4/21/2018

Barlow Performing at Cotton District Arts Festival

Set List:

  1. Highway 41 (original)
  2. You’re the Sanest Girl I Know (original)
  3. My Heart is a Field of Songs (original)
  4. Favorite Folk Singer (original)

Guitar Used: Epiphone Sheraton through Mic’d Fender 40 / Location: West Stage, Near Coconuts Gas Station, Starkville Mississippi

Everything went pretty smoothly; the sound was good and some co-workers and family were there. One of my family members had a birthday that day. The sound guy was nice. The band before me was amazing – they closed with “Whipping Post” by Allman Bros.

Open Mic Night, April 16, 2018

Set List:

  1. Grey in LA (Cover, Loudon Wainwright)
  2. Between the Bars (Cover, Elliot Smith)
  3. Highway 49 (Original)
  4. Ask Me (Cover, The Smiths)
  5. Worries (Cover, Langhorne Slim)
  6. Sweet is the Melody (Cover, Iris Dement)
  7. Field of Songs (Original)
  8. All I Want (Cover, Toad the Wet Sprocket)
  9. You are the Everything (Cover, REM)
  10. Far, Far Away (Cover, Wilco)
  11. Encore: Doomsday (Cover, Elvis Perkins)

Guitar Used: Epiphone Sheraton / Location: Dave’s Dark Horse, Starkville, MS

This was the last warm-up before my performance the following weekend at the Cotton District Arts Festival.  I think it went okay and it gave me confidence to stand up there and perform 11 songs. I still can’t believe the other performers didn’t come and kill me for hogging the stage, but when I started, there was only one other signup.