The Swallows

in time

of at least two
moments in time

Points “rest” on
and “between”
other points

between two
points in time

for window?
No, because we are
all shut-ins here.

I have windows
when I could stop up the chimney
after the swallows leave and
before they return next spring
to eat our mosquitoes.

But gentlemen-farmers
never harvest
fields to the edges.

Styptic Wit

In his review essay of Brian Garner’s Dictionary of Modern American Usage, David Foster Wallace describes a particular critic as having a “styptic wit.” This is a wonderful expression describing what must be a wit that is capable of drying up any sanguinity in the hearer or target.


Just a heads up that I deactivated my Twitter account; I didn’t block you. Why? Pretty much the same reason I deleted my Facebook account a few years ago- it makes loving people harder. It’s my fault, not Twitter’s fault.