Post Construction Garage

I really enjoyed watching this contractor’s video. It’s relaxing to see someone do a great job using the proper tools. You can see where he invested his capital in things that result in faster, better work. Take the scissor lift that is long enough to install long ceiling sections — that couldn’t have been cheap, but I’m sure any other company in his space that didn’t have one would take much longer to build a building and get paid for it. He never has to erect scaffolding, and the design of the building required very little cutting of boards or waste.

As a kid, I “helped” my dad build a large open-sided equipment shed in Hermanville, MS and then later I worked on a house with a painting crew in Carriere, MS. Those were the only “new construction” experiences I’ve ever had. For our current house in Starkville, MS, we did tons of renovation (the house was an “as is” sale) but it has all been with existing limitations in place – corners that aren’t square, older building styles, etc. Watching this video and how easy it was for them to install a window was pretty attractive. On our current house, I’ve installed a sliding patio door (where previously there was just a wall) and a large casement window (where previously there was a tiny window.) In both cases, building the new header and straightening up the window was not easy. In addition, I had to take a lot of precautions to seal around the opening and wasn’t working with a house-wrap type environment.

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