Just a heads up that I deactivated my Twitter account; I didn’t block you. Why? Pretty much the same reason I deleted my Facebook account a few years ago- it makes loving people harder. It’s my fault, not Twitter’s fault.

4 thoughts on “Twitter”

  1. Yes, to a certain extent. Twitter datafies stray thoughts. And that’s great in some respects, but in other respects it means that now instead of loving a person, I am asked to love them + everything I know of their stray thoughts. I’m not mature enough to leave things out of the recipe for love. Or at least, I’m not mature enough to love without reservation based on published stray thoughts.

  2. Update: at some point I clicked on something that auto-logged into Twitter and my account was still there. I have, since then, looked at it occasionally, but if anything, it solidified my resolve to avoid it. It has been handy to look at the local news feeds that talk about why there were road closings and such.

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