New EP Out Now: “Bookish Southern Man”

Hi, friends. I’ve finally polished and readied five songs for a real, honest-to-goodness EP that is now available for purchase at Amazon, iTunes, etc. and also for streaming at Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

I would love to know what you think of the music. If you like it, please share links with friends.

You can find my stuff on almost any digital streaming or music download service by searching for “Doc Barlow.”

New Song: You’re the Sanest Girl I Know, So Why are you so Crazy About me?

New song with the longest title ever. Things I learned on this track: how to record brushes on a snare, how to handle the perception that a song is dragging, and how to experiment until you use just the right chord when several sound okay in a given part of the song with the song’s key. I think this one is sounding okay now. This is totally re-recorded. A few years ago when I tried to record a song per week this is one that I didn’t record more than just a guitar and voice track. Now it’s as complete as a home recording would be, I guess. It’s not great, but I think the bridge is my best one ever.

Two New Songs

Two new songs came out of the oven this week. “Cars in the Road” is one that I have worked on for about a month; this is the second re-recording of the entire thing. It’s really hard to write a slow song that doesn’t plod along; still not perfect. “Hurt a Lot” is a song that came to me almost fully written as I walked in the door after work last week. It’s faster and shorter; both virtues in pop music. Neither song has electric guitars, just acoustic + bass + drums + voice.

Philip Melancthon’s Objection to Other Worlds

“The Son of God is one: our master Jesus Christ, coming forth in this world, died and was resurrected only once. Nor did he manifest himself elsewhere, nor has he died or been resurrected elsewhere. We should not imagine many worlds because we ought not imagine that Christ died and was risen often; nor should it be thought that in any other world without the knowledge of the Son of God that people would be restored to eternal life.”

Initia doctrinae physicae, Corpus Reformatorum 13 (Halle: Schwetschke, 1846; reprint, Frankfurt; Minerva, 1963) 1.221.

Cited by Thomas F. O’Meara, “Christian Theology and Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life” Theological Studies 60 (1999), pg. 6.

Wrecked Horses

On HWY 82 yesterday, between West Point and Starkville, I saw an overturned horse trailer a quarter of a mile ahead and there was a man standing on the shoulder who was signaling for everyone to slow down.

My chest seized up when I first entertained the idea that there were horses inside. I think of horses as being so heavy and long-limbed – sturdy when upright but almost absurdly brittle in every other inclination. As I passed, I looked back and saw two brown horses on their sides, one on top of the other. There were two men and a woman talking to the horses and trying to figure out how to get them out safely.

I really hope that the horses are alright. That when they were removed from the trailer that their limbs were whole… that they didn’t bolt into traffic… that they didn’t kick anyone…

Update: Found a tweet that the horses are okay:

“She felt that she could so much more depend upon the sincerity of those who sometimes looked or said a careless or a hasty thing, than of those whose presence of mind never varied, whose tongue never slipped.”

Austen, Mansfield Park